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Some friends of mine are currently on a small island off the coast of Belize. Are they multi-millionaires? Movie stars? No. They’re homeschoolers with four kids (sounds oddly familiar); only, they’ve hopped out of the box. Way out, some would say. This family inspires me to find the adventure in everyday life. 

While a marathon isn’t quite the same experience as snorkeling in Central America, I am jumping out of the box, in my own way. Like any momentous undertaking, my personal adventure involves hard work, dedication, some pain, and joy, which springs from surprising places.

When I see mileage on a road sign, my first thought is, “I can run that far.” 6 kilometers, 8 kilometers, 10 kilometers, 20 kilometers—no problem. I saw a sign that said 46 kilometers. Before I could control myself, the words, “I could do that,” leapt from my brain–and I felt good about it. Which means, it is entirely possible I’ve lost my mind.

I am not some sort of positive thinking guru. I don’t believe you can overcome any situation simply by thinking happy thoughts. However, with proper training, dedication, and mindset, I can run a marathon. I don’t have romantic ideas about the process: I know it will push me to my limits—it might even make me cry. But the endeavor doesn’t end on race day: it continues for a lifetime.

I saw a show recently where a woman in her 70s was talking about her experience with breast cancer (20 years ago). She is a marathon runner. That’s right, IS. As she was being interviewed, I noticed the t-shirt she was wearing. It said: “Ironman Finisher.” That’s what I want to be. I want to be an Ironman Grandma. It’s a possibility—I do have 35 years to train for it.

My grandma doesn’t compete in triathlons, but she wins hands-down in this race called life. Her good health cannot be attributed to genetic luck, as she is healthier than most of her seven children (sorry, Dad, but it’s true). Grandma eats healthy foods (with the occasional indulgence, I’ve been told), she does yoga and meditation, and she keeps her body fit through exercise. She’s perfect: huggable yet healthy. The doctors were astounded at how quickly she recovered from knee surgery. That’s how I want to be. I want to be the 80 year-old whose good health surprises the medical establishment.

Whether my inspiration is within me, or whether it is discovered along the way, this is my adventure: one that will endure.


Miles: Friday 0, Saturday 0, Sunday 6

Overall feeling: well-rested and energetic.

Terrain: a great run on the t-mill. Doctor Who and Romana defeated the globulin-sucking monoliths to find the third Key to Time.

Week Two Wrapup:

Total miles logged: 20

Weight: 157.5

Shoes size: I just ordered my first pair of size 12 running shoes. If my foot gets one inch longer, I’ll be ordering from the men’s department, and I will NOT be happy about it!!!  Men’s Mizunos don’t come in hot pink, do they?

Extra: If you would like to be inspired by the Miller family, follow their “edventures” at


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