I’d forgotten how hard running can be. You may think that because I finished a marathon, I now have the running power of a Kalahari bushman. Ha. I haven’t run (except to chase the occasional child) in six weeks. As you may recall from last time, I was having a little trouble with my muscles, and my knees, and my foot. Last week, with doctor approval, I wrote 2 miles on my calendar for today. I was getting so stressed about NOT running, that I was determined to run, no matter what.

When I awoke, the rain was blowing sideways.

“Really? Is this some kind of test?” I thought, as I headed to the basement to drink coffee and play Barbies with the girls.

Later we emerged, and I got the kids started on their schoolwork. As I was teaching Libby the value of a good suffix, I saw a break in the clouds. Like superman in a phone booth, I jumped into my little room to change.

It was freezing outside. I wore my underarmor tights, long-sleeved shirt, and my rain jacket. I even put on gloves. I sprinted down the road, and then suddenly remembered I’d been neglecting to use my inhaler since the marathon. It was a little hard to breathe, especially when running against the wind, which was still trying to knock a few more branches off the trees.

I ran anyway, I mean, the wind wasn’t strong enough to knock tiles off the roof. And I kept thinking of how wonderful the run home would be, with all that wind at my back. Besides, what’s two miles? I know a woman who ran 26.2. I can’t remember who that was now. Probably Carla. Or Kirsten.

2 miles. I’d like to say it was easy, and that I felt like I was floating on clouds the entire way. I’ve wanted to run for SO long! But it was hard work. My lungs felt like they were stuffed with cotton. And I felt like I was running through jello. When I turned back to let the wind carry me, the sun came bursting out—thus roasting me like a Quicky Mart hot dog. I was sure I was leaving a trail of sweat behind me, like a slug leaving slime on the road. “I wonder if slugs work this hard?” I thought, taking off my gloves.

Only 2 miles. I couldn’t wait until they were over. It was the longest eighteen minutes I’ve had in a while.

I know running will get easier. Eventually, my two miles will lengthen. My endurance will increase. My strength will develop. But these first two miles are substantial, even if they are reruns.


Health: My foot didn’t give me any problems. My right knee is a touch achy, but it could be from the cold, damp day (right???).

Weather: high winds, 50 degrees, however, there was a perfect break in the rain while I ran—and I even got some sun on my face.

Wildlife: I saw one deer jump into a cornfield. I took it as a good sign.

Future: I have a physical therapy appointment Thursday. We will be working on long-term solutions to my knee problems (I still want to be a marathoner when I’m a great-grandma). I may have to make some sacrifices, such as decrease my M&M intake to reduce fat, but I think it will be worth it.

Goals: I still can’t do ten proper push-ups. Or even one pull-up. I’ll have to re-roll those goals. I’m going to buy a weight bench and start ‘real’ training. My biggest goal is to have my knees better by next summer, so I can run a marathon without taping them.

Did I just say another marathon?